Shanghai Liquid production team was founded in 2007, over the years to provide professional services to apparel and luxury brand, the fashion circle ranking has come out in front.Liquid shows production because of public relations with Shanghai Liquid models and Liquid  Eiement, so it can provide the best quality models resource and star resources in the service brand.Our long-term cooperation to build a more beautiful is Shanghai's top team, in the music and video production of this piece, we are invited to " China talent show" and " China good voice " professional production team to in charge, strive to provide the most appropriate visual effect for every conference." With the best ideas and the best quality service to every customer, regard activity as their most outstanding achievement to complete. " Is the purpose of our spirit, and.


上海霖杰制作团队成立于2007年,多年来为服装及奢侈品牌提供专业的服务,在国内时尚圈内排名一直名列前茅。霖杰制作由于跟上海历史最早的霖杰模特儿经纪有限公司以及霖杰公关有着常年合作的关系,所以在服务品牌时更能提供最优质的模特资源及明星资源。我们长期合作的舞美搭建更是上海顶尖的制作团队,在音乐及视频制作这一块,我们更是力邀”中国达人秀“及”中国好声音”的专业制作团队操刀,力求为每一次发布会提供最贴切的视觉效果。“用最好的创意及最优质的服务来面对每一位客户,把活动当成自己最出色的成绩来完成。” ,是我们的宗旨及精神。




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